Would you like help teaching your child to read from a Reading Specialist?

You are not alone! Reading is a complex process. But, don’t let this scare you. With the help you will find here, you can instruct your child to have ALL the skills they will need to be independent and successful!

You will learn how and why…

1. children learn and optimize on it.

2. to use wide variety of teaching methods, ideas and tips.

3. to break down the process to its simplest level so that learning is easy.

4. to identify a problem and solve it.

5. to motivate your uninterested child and why your decisions can change their desire to pick up a book. And Much, Much, More!!

What are my methods and how are these methods different from others?

When you instruct there should always be a balanced approach of three main skills... Meaning (Using the meaning of the story), Structure (Thinking of the structure of our language) and Visual (The way letters, words and sentences look which is also part phonics). By using all three of these methods you will see how this approach is different from using one skill such as phonics alone which is the most popular skill taught in the USA. Although I use phonics in instruction, it is not the only skill taught. Therefore, you will give your child a more balanced and complete approach. Here you will learn the Best Practices in education today! I strive to learn the top methods, teaching practices, and strategies to bring to you.


Learn How to Teach Reading With These Important Literacy Activities
You can learn how to teach reading from the beginning with these easy and effective strategies.
You Need To Understand The Foundation For Teaching Reading In Order To Teach It.
If you are going to teach reading, you need to understand reading from the foundation.
Reading Comprehension Can Be Achieved At Any Reading Level..
No matter their age, ability, or reading level, children can be taught to comprehend what they are reading!
Reading Assessments are the KEY to teaching reading effectively!
You can learn the Best Practices of Reading Assessments so that you know your child’s strengths and weaknesses to teach them reading more effectively!
Reading Activities Can Develop Lots of Skills in Readers!
You can make reading activities exciting, and they will develop LOTS of important reading and life skills!
Reading Difficulties can be for a variety of reasons.
Some people blame their child’s reading difficulties on being unmotivated or on a learning disability, yet there may be something else that can help… Find the answer here.
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Learn About Reading Solutions And How I Can Help You
Learn from a Reading Specialist how to teach reading.
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Would you like to share your knowledge about reading? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.