“Dear Ms. Foerman, Thank you for helping me in reading. I’m good at reading. My grade has been a B throughout the year. I’m trying my best to improve. Thank you for helping me through reading. I have improved greatly!” Elijah H., Student

“Dear Ms. Foerman, Thank you for helping me read. It really helped me during testing. I really like reading now. Love, K.R. Riles” Keylon R., Student

“Tremendous! My son’s confidence in reading and writing is so high that he doesn’t mind helping his younger sister out with reading. He is more relaxed when it’s “reading time” because he knows he is good at it.

Ms. Foerman really helps your child in many other ways than just reading and writing. They become very proud of themselves, their confidence and self esteem are through the roof!!! Their grades not only will improve in these two areas, but in all the other classes. I’m very proud of my son’s ability to read and write better since he has left Ms. Foerman. This year is so easy for him and me.”Keylon R.'s mom

“My son struggled with reading and writing 4 years ago is now reading on grade level and this is an area that he has now continued to excel. Ms. Foerman not only helped my son with basic techniques for reading and writing, but it also helped build his confidence level. My son understands YES HE CAN read and write." Antione B.’s mom

"Stephanie Foerman was my mentor and colleague while I was going through Reading Specialist/Reading Recovery training. She was and still is an invaluable resource to me. Her knowledge of and passion for teaching reading and writing are a GREAT support to anyone who needs help with teaching children how to read and write."
Christina Hannah, ESOL teacher and Reading Specialist

Stephanie Foerman is the reason my daughter can read today. She discovered that she had a problem in reading. Now my daughter can read and LOVES reading! Jasmine's mom, Mother of former student

I am a homeschooling mother of two. My middle child Nathan is 4 years old. I started him in K4 this past year. As we started to practice holding a pencil, I discovered he was left handed. We were doing great in school then I started working with him on writing his name. Half way through the year I realized he was not catching on to writing his name and I was concerned. I contacted Stephanie, and she suggested that I needed to make it easier for my son to learn the letters of his name. She taught me how to make it easier to learn the letters of his name. She also taught me how to give him the support he needed. I followed the technique for about a week and by the end of that week, he was writing his name all by himself. Thank you, Stephanie for all your help. Sondra, homeschooling mom

"I want to say Thank You for your patience and dedication in teaching the class this year. I enjoyed being in class and I looked forward to learning also. You made class more enjoyable and as a result, we became a close knit class. You help make my college experience more enjoyable and I really appreciate it. Sadly, I won’t be able to attend any more of your classes and I'm truly going to miss it.” T.B. (This student took my reading course his first semester of college.)

"Thank you for everything you taught me this semester. You're an awesome teacher!" A.B. (This is a college student who took my reading course her first semester.)

"Thank you for helping me. I really enjoy your class." D.A. (A student who took my reading course his first semester in college.)

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