Welcome and Thanks for visiting my website! My name is Stephanie Foerman. I am a Reading Specialist and; I have been teaching for more than 13 years in the field of education. I live in the Atlanta, GA area where I have taught for the past 13 years and; currently teach as a adjunct Professor at Georgia Gwinnett College. I have obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Human Development with certification PK-8 from Lee University, Master’s in Reading and Literacy from Walden University, Reading Specialist training in Reading Recovery from Georgia State University, and numerous reading courses by leading experts in the field of literacy such as Dr. Marie Clay, Ph.D. from New Zealand and Dr. Tim Rasinski, Ph.D.

My experience in the public education system has provided me with a wide array of challenges and learning experiences. I have taught children to read with all types of backgrounds, disabilities, and learning styles. This includes students with learning disabilities in reading, severe speech problems, ADHD, ADD, epilepsy, gifted, and slight delay in grade-level reading.

My skills grew further as I created and delivered workshops for teachers in the area of reading comprehension, how words work, how to introduce books to children, building fluency, discovering problems in children through running records, how to conduct literature circles, and many more.

Through my training and experiences, I have developed and refined my skills for teaching reading. I am giving you, through this website, the knowledge I have gained so that you may also empower your children. Furthermore, I will also bring you the resources that give the Best Practices in teaching reading today. You will get information on the top brain research and reading research that is accessible today. With all the strategies, resources, and knowledge you will obtain at Reading Solutions you will be able to teach your children to become life-long, independent readers.

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