Disclosure Statement

Reading Solutions provides help, advice, support and educational coaching to those involved in homeschooling, specifically in the areas of reading , writing, and teaching strategies. The information and assistance provided through Reading Solutions is based on many years of experience, research, study by Stephanie Foerman and her work with children in helping them advance and overcome problems in the development of reading and writing skills. The services provided by Reading Solutions can greatly assist the parent, instructor and child in effectively reaching their goals; however, because each child learns at different rates and has different levels of understanding and due to the varying skills and methods of the individual providing the instruction, no guarantee or warranty can be given or implied, nor should one be inferred, regarding these services. The counsel, methods and procedures of Reading Solutions have been independently developed as well as adapted from numerous resources to provide a new and unique resource for homeschooling and teaching reading. For more information in this field, please see our section on Resources and our Store.