How do children learn to read?

It is simple how children learn to read... by others modeling for them and by practicing different literacy activities themselves (practice, practice, practice). So, let’s talk about both.

Children learn by others modeling for them. What do you model? First, you model good reading. Other things you will need to model are how to identify letters and their sound. You will model reading sight words in isolation. Later you will understand other things that need to be modeled, but you need to learn the basics of teaching reading first. (See more about modeling at the bottom of this page.)

An important note… Do not overwhelm your child with lots of tasks. Keep it simple, short and to the point. Only introduce 1 task a week.

The next strategy for teaching kids is practice. As the saying goes “Practice makes perfect”. The same goes for reading. The more kids practice reading the better they get. But there are other things children can practice to get better at reading. So, what do they practice to get better?

At the beginning when they first start reading or before they have begun to read

a book themselves, try these…

1. Practice Concepts of Print

2. Teach your child letters

FAST NEVER COMES FIRST. Let them practice saying the right letter slowly until they become more familiar with that letter.

You will find that little ones learn to read is through modeling and practicing. You will model lots of strategies, letters, words, reading and many more things. Then, they will practice those things after you model. You will do more and more of this. Before you know it will you will have a reader.

The experts really don’t know how reading takes place in the brain, but we do know that by providing lots of important modeling and practice time somehow brings the whole process together to develop a reader. So, search as much as you can about teaching reading, because the more literacy experience you give your child the better they will become at reading. We provide lots of ideas here at Reading Solutions.

Here’s some important articles…

Concepts of Print

Learning Letters

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