How do I teach my child to read?

Every parent asks themselves this question..."How do I to teach my child to read?" Yet, there is so much information out there. Where do you start? First, you need to take simple steps to give your child a foundation for literacy. By adding these simple activities to your child's everyday life, you will be increasing his chance of becoming a successful reader and writer.

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Read Reading to your child everyday has many benefits. It's instructing your child in things such as… Concepts of Print, how reading sounds, about meaningful stories, a rich vocabulary, and structure to our language. Use expressions in your voice to keep the story engaging - try a low, whispery voice or a high, excited voice. Give different voices for each of the characters for more interesting dialog. This teaches children how reading should sound, not monotone. When they start to read, they will use expressions which will engage them in the story and help them to comprehend the story instead of just reading words on a page.

Talk Talk to your infant, toddler and/or child all the time without baby talk. The more words you use, the more words your child will know. Explain things as you are doing them such as "I'm cleaning the dishes. Now I'm going to put them in the dish washer so they can get clean." Building your child's oral language/oral vocabulary will make a difference in whether or not they are successful in reading later.

Tell stories Have fun with your child by making up fun stories with your child. You can use cars, finger puppets, baby dolls, or just about any toy. Playing and making up stories builds a strong emotion relationship between you and your child, but it also has another benefit. It develops a sense of narrative in your child and introduces your child to stories with beginning, middle and end.

Sing You can sing the ABC song, The Wheels on the Bus, or any children's song. But also try to pick songs with rhyming patterns or even make up a rhyming song as you're cleaning together. "Clean up your room, You better zoom." When your child engages in verbal play, it tunes his ear to differences and similarities in how words sound and helps him to discover common word patterns.

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If you want to know how to teach reading, well start by giving your child the best foundation possible. Add all of these activities to your child's life. You don't have to add them all at once. Start by adding 1 activity a week. Soon you will find that you are adding more in automatically as you come across similar ideas.

Also you will notice that all the activities I have described here are related to talking. Why? Because listening always comes before seeing. This is important information and you will see this again as you go through the pages here and learn more about teaching reading.

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