Do you want to know the secrets teachers know about finding low cost books for their classrooms?

It’s true. Teachers have lots of tricks for finding TOP books at a VERY low cost. Most teachers are given a very small budget. Therefore, they have to find ways to get things inexpensively. So, they can get more for their money. I know everyone especially homeschooling moms want to find ways to save money. I will share with you the tricks for finding highly coveted books for a fraction of the retail price.

Lots of Books

1. My #1 favorite place to look for low cost books is Goodwill. They have a lot of children’s books to look through. I can physically look through them unlike buying them online. I have bought Caldecott winner hardback books there for $1.50. I have also found paperback books for 75¢. You can take the Recommended Books’ list for young children that I have given you and go look for the books.

You should also spend time reading through children’s books, because the chances are if you like the book, the children will too.

2. Another of my TOP favorite places is Kid to Kid, a children’s consignment store. At my local store in Buford, Ga., they have a nice deal where you get a book FREE each month as long as it is $1.99 or less. Although this is not just a book store, I think you will find lots of books you will love, I have. Plus, most of their books are $1.99 or less. Kid to Kid stores are independently owned. This means they may not all have this same give-away. So, I have provided a link to my local store, but you can click on “Nearest Location” to find a store near you. Just call and ask them if they have the FREE book of the month give-away.

Link to Kid to Kid stores

3. Another great place to find great children’s books is at garage sales. Of course, like Goodwill, garage sales are going to be a “hit or miss” kind of place. You might find the books you want or you might find a book you like by reading what they are selling, but you may not. I don’t always find books I like, but on occasion, I have found books that I loved from a yard sale and so did my class. I have even found great books that I had never seen or heard of before from a yard sale. So, check out the garage sales and see what you find, you might make a hit!

4. One other “hit or miss” location, but still a favorite, is consignment sales, but at least with consignment sales and Goodwill you have more of a selection. Once again you can take the list I’m giving you and look for those titles. In addition, read through books and use the criteria I describe as a good book for finding your own low-cost, good books. I use the link below to find consignment sales in my area. You can do the same, because they are listed by states and counties.

Find a Consignment Sale in your area

5. Some places that you might want to visit are Antique shops and Used book stores. Antique shops may carry those are books you use to love as a child, but are no longer in print. Why not visit an Antique store to see if they have a copy? I did. And I found my favorite story as a child, The Toothfairy. I enjoy sharing with my child the book that made me happy when I was a child. Used book stores are carry larger selections of children’s books now. Check it out!

6. Scholastic is a great place to look. You can get wonderful, low-cost books of 50-80% off the retail price. They do not have all the books they print in this warehouse sale, but you will find some great titles at unbelievable prices.

Look for a Scholastic Warehouse Sale in your area here.

7. Of course, you can look online for everything you need these days and that goes for children’s books as well. Ebay is another wonderful place to find children’s books at a great price. You can buy them in bulk or a single copy. If you want to get the best price, buy them in bulk. Search “children’s books” and you will find tons of them in bulk. But if you want to find a single copy of a specific title, you may or may not find it, but it’s worth a shot. Furthermore, you will find certain online stores within Ebay that only sell children’s books. You may want to save them as one of your favorite sellers. When they get new books in or have sells, they will email you.

8. Another online store that has good deals on children’s books is Amazon. When I have searched my “hit or miss” places and just can’t find a particular title that I want, I will try Amazon. I know that I will at least get it cheaper than going to my local bookstore.
Here are my top picks for finding children’s books. Build your child(ren) a library in your own home. It really doesn’t cost much. I have collected hundreds of books over my 13+ years of teaching, but I didn’t spend anywhere near what it is worth in dollars or in value. My daughter has hundreds of books to read and yours can too!

Good luck shopping; and if you have any great ideas for finding children’s books at a cheap price, please send me your ideas so that I can share it with everyone. Thanks!

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