Reading Activities are exciting and fun for everyone including you. It will be some additional work for you, but look at all the important skills your child will develop through these activities.

  • Researching
  • Building Vocabulary
  • Communication
  • Group participation
  • Patience
  • Building Fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Questioning
  • Listening
  • Following Directions
  • Relationship building
  • Many, many more skills will be developed.
  • Read Aloud

    This can take place at any age and level. You can read picture books, chapter books, newspapers, magazines, website information, etc… You should ask yourself… What is my goal? Is this to enjoy a book with my child? Do I want my child to be looking for information as we read? There can be lots of reasons to read aloud to your child.


    You can share a book together. You read a page. Then your child on the next page. Or a chapter and your child the next chapter.


    This is a time where your child sits quietly and enjoys a book by themselves. You will want to make sure the book is a book they can read by themselves. The book should not be too hard. If you want to find out if the book is right for your little one, you can show them the five finger rule.

    Listening Center

    A great way for children to work on their fluency is by listening to stories on tape or CD. Plus, they LOVE listening to someone else read! Have a listening center at home for your children to listen to stories. You can check out books with CDs and/or tapes at the library. Here’s a great way to find lost cost books on tape or CD to your home library!

    Buddy Reading

    Children sharing their favorite book with another child is a great way to build self-confidence. If you have more than one child at home this is easy, have your older children enjoy a book with the younger children and vice versa. If not, call other homeschooling moms and set a time once a month or week to meet and let your children read to each other. Not only does this build their self-confidence, but they teach each other things about books and how to use literacy skills in the books as well as building their fluency skills by listening to someone.

    Reader’s Theater

    Children LOVE this activity, because they get to act out stories! Of course this is a group activity and takes time planning and practicing. But the benefits are totally worth it. This is a wonderful activity for building fluency. You can find plays online, at school resource stores such as The School Box, etc…

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    Literature Circles

    Most kids enjoy this one as well, because they get important jobs. You will need a group of 4 to 6 children. Each child will have a job for their reading time. Once you assign the jobs, they go do their job independently. Then you will come back and report to the group.

    Author Studies

    When you do an Author Study, you want to take about a week to study that Author, their history, their books, how they got started, interesting facts about the Author, compare/contrast their writing style, etc...

    FREE resources for Author's Study

    Reading Activities are FUN and exciting! They like things that are different and new. Plus, they will build relationships through the love of books!